Hello There! —

After four successful years serving an energetic church in Western Nebraska, we’re headed back to Greater Milwaukee and a renewed, even aggressive approach to my writing and consulting.    I was busy out West!

  • We re-worked our in-print image
    • Brochures
    • Promotional materials
    • Introduced color to our in-house printing
    • Press releases
    • Online publicity
    • Church newsletter
    • Weekly bulletin format.
  • I wrote scripts for seasonal productions  then turned around and produced them in live performance.
  • We created a series of card and introductory letters to introduce visitors and guests to our church ministries.

Come the end of January we’ll load up the truck and re-locate back in Greater Milwaukee, where the first thing out of the box (OK, backpack) will be my computer and my fountain pen.  Yes, I still use one of those; I find the thoughts and ideas come quickly with a quality pen in hand.

Here’s where you can follow my progress and latest developments: